Argon ONE M.2 NVME not booting from SSD (Crucial P5)

Title essentially, USB boot not working on Pi 4B 8GB. I can boot via another SATA SSD in another external enclosure no problem. SD boot works fine also. With this issue, I am using a Crucial P5 2TB NVME. The drive checks out fine and I am able to access it no problem on other hardware. I am using a CannaKit 3.5A power supply. The issue seems focused on the M.2 NVME expansion board. I confimed firmware, VID, and PID for expansion board; so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Upon boot attempt, I am getting the following errors:

MSD cmd timeout
MSD error [02:00] 3.32 000000:03
FAT read failed @ 8377
Block device timeout

Any ideas, any potential work arounds?

I appreciate any input / feedback.