Argon One M.2 - need full USB-C functionality, is it safe to trim down the daughter board to allow access to integrated UBS-C port?

Hi. I intend to run my RPi4 in One M.2 enclosure from my iPad Pro, as first seen in this YouTube video:

When purchasing the One M.2, I did not realise the USB-C pass through was power only. I def need data and networking, and AV would be good too.
Looking at the daughter board, it seems I would only need to shave off a few mm (between the holes, where the numerical code is) to allow the cable to fit:
I am not experienced enough with electronics to know if that’s safe to do though. There doesn’t appear to be any wiring within the board where I want to shave it down, so I think it’s possible, but would love if anyone on here has any advice to give me.
I know I’d need to make a hole in the casing for the cable (and it would always be sticking out) but that’s all very easy…

Cut the plug NOT the electronics… Not sure what is under that section of the board. If you destroy a USB-C cable that is easy to replace… its not easy to replace the circuit board.