ARGON ONE M.2 - I have an extra pin on my M.2 base board what's it for?

I have an extra pin that sticks out of the M.2 board on my Argon One M.2. If left alone, it would touch the bottom of the PI installed in the enclosure in what seems to be a random spot. It collapses when you push it. I put tape on my PI board to make sure it does not short out anything. I do not see it in any of the product documentation or in online photos of the base. Attached is a photo.

Anyone have this? Please advise.


Quoting from here:

The total available power from the Raspberry Pi 4 USB ports is shared between all ports and limited to 1.2A (~6W).

Argon40 have addressed this by the addition of a pogo pin on the Argon ONE NVMe expansion board which contacts with a test point TP2 on the underside of the Raspberry Pi 4 PCB, which in turn is connected to Vcc (5 Volts). Thus allowing the Argon ONE NVMe board to be powered without the power limitations of the USB interface.

So don’t put tape over it.