Argon one M.2 HDMI Problem

I recently bought an Argon One M.2 case with a raspberry pi 4 8g from .
I have a problem with the HDMI ports. I already use a setup with a rpi 4 4g and 2 screen (raspbian OS 64 one laptop screen that i use with the DVI output, and the second one is a VGA screen, both connected with a micro HDMI adaptator).
I copied the installation to an ssd M.2 everything works fine except that the second screen doesn’t work. I tried to tweek the config.txt file but to no avail.
I also tried the pi without the case and the 2 screen works perfectly, and i tried the the screen that work on the 2 HDMI ports on the case and it also work.
So i don’t thing there is a hardware problem with the case.
What I notice is that in my old setup and the new one when I plug directly the screens on the pi, in rasbian os when i click right on the sound icone I can choose an HDMI for the sound for the second screen( the option isn’t there anymore when i plug only the laptop screen.)
And since the 2 HDMI port of the case seems to work there is only one thing that differ from the pi alone and the pi with the daughter board plug is the 3.5 jack.
Is it possible that the jack pin (since it can also be a video output) can be the source of the problem and mess with the config?
I hope that someone have an idea how to fix this! the only solution i see is to use an other DVI screen.

PS : the laptop screen has 3 input HDMI, DVI and VGA , the DVI and HDMI work when plug to the pi directly. And sorry for the length of this post!

How are your situation with the video signal, I’m wondering about buying one my self/Hvordan går det med dit video signal problem, jeg går i tanker om at købe en selv

I didn’t find the solution, I find an other screen which is in HDMI. I didn’t have time to surch and I had no response from argon40.
The case work good. With two screens the pi is a bit slower. 2 4k screens are a bit to much for the pi even for a 4 8g. Or it is a problem of power i only have a 15w power supply(original pi power supply) instead of 18w. I wanted to order the Argon one power supply but the website I order the Argon one and the pi didn’t sell it.