Argon ONE M.2 DEAD on Delivery

  1. Received the Argon ONE M.2 , M.2 Case Only and the V2 USB-C power supply. I assembled the case and a brand-new Raspberry Pi 4, 8 MB Ram per the instructions. I pressed the Power ON button (page 4), holding it down for only a short press. NOTHING happened.

  2. I tried adding the USB 3 Bridge per the instructions, but it does not fit. The two USB - C parts of the bridge are too far apart.

  3. When I opened the box, I found a small part loose in the box.

Please send me a new case and a new bridge. Or I can just return everything to Amazon.

John M. Kiener

The small piece is likely the power bottom. I had two new ones recently where the power button came broken off. Switch the jumper to power without the button and see if that works?