Argon One M.2 Case compatibility with WD Blue SA510

I have picked this drive specifically for this case and yet it doesn’t seem to match/fit unless flipped, is it even meant to be flipped ?!

What have I done wrong ? I want to cry :cry:

Please advise

Hello Enissay
The devices have to be on the upper side. Like your pictures 2 and 3.
This is a picture of my setup:

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Wow, thank you for the confirmation… I was almost about to start crying since I was waiting over a week for the parts to come not to count the time I spent picking them just to be faced with this issue…
It is weird how none of the videos using different SSD models had them upside down…
Anyhow, with your confirmation, I’ll move forward with the installation, thank you <3

@Ganymed Just to update, it works like a charm, way faster than the SD… It basically doubles up the overall cost (case+ssd) but, very much worth it!!!

On another note, have you enabled TRIM on you SSD ?
I’ll leave this link if you didn’t: Enabling TRIM on an external SSD on a Raspberry Pi