Argon one HDMI issue

Hi all, have been running two pi4b 8gb models in Argon one v2 cases for almost 2 years now.

they have been running headless and wanted to repurpose one of them as an Android box.

one of them works fine with any OS but the other one is losing monitor signal after the post screen.

The pi itself other than the lack of video out is working as i can still ssh in when ive got the pi os sd card in.

have tried using 2 different monitors and a capture card and i cant get a signal to stick.

anyone else had this issue? how can i fix this?

thinking i will open up the case an pull the daughterboard off and re seat it to see if that helps.

ok so ive just pulled the case apart and tested the pi direct to the monitor and it worked fine.

looks like my daughterboard has gone bad