Argon One case with options

Looking around for cases for my Pi’s I’ve come to fancy the Argon One

Now I am a bit confused, I can buy the
Argon ONE M.2 Expansion Board (NVME), but do I combine it with the
Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4 or can I mount it to the
Argon ONE V2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4

The m.2 expansion board is for people that have a V2 case and want to add an m.2 SATA drive.

The m.2 case is a V2 with the expansion board included.

They are both SATA not NVME, unless they’ve released something new I’m not aware of.

NVME Slice is coming but, i don’t expect a Speed increase just easier/cheaper to obtain NVME drives nowadays. As for OP question, Argon One V2 if you want to use SDcard, Argon One M2 if you want to use NON NVME M2/SATA Drive and M2 expansion board if you purchased Argon V2 and want to upgrade to M2 SATA (B or Mkey)

Okay, so if I buy an Argon One V2 I can attach a m.2 bottom to it ?

They both have a Sata version:

and a Nvme version:

But thanks for your reply

Thanks for your reply

The reason I’m looking into the Nvme version is that I have 5-6 Nvme drives floating around, and don’t want to invest into Sata drives for that reason, and because having the Nvme drives dangling in an enclosure are a pain in the but, I have by acciden janked the one in my Pi 400 out a few times

Interesting…so there is an NVMe version of the M.2 base. I think that’s pretty new. I don’t see it on Amazon (US) yet. I have four of the M.2 SATA bases. If you have a bunch of NVMe drives, I think this would be perfect for you.

Can I just bolt the Nvme version to the Argon One V2, or do I have to buy the Argon One Sata and then throw away the Sata part ?

The NVMe version of the base should attach directly to the Argon ONE v2.

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Thank you for your help