Argon One case and Raspberry’s LEDs

Hello everyone!
I installed Hass OS on an SSD inside an Argon One case and everything works correctly.
I would like to report two “problems” with Raspberry LEDs:

  1. [the most important for rme]: The green AKT led does not light up when the SSD reads/writes;

  2. When I give the command to TURN OFF the system in Home Assistant, the shutdown procedure starts correctly (I follow it in the console) at the end of which, however, the red PWR led remains ON!

I haven’t found no valid solution on the web…
Please, can anyone give me support to?
Thanks to anyone who can give me suggestions

Re: first question. The green light can be configured to light up for many different things. Unfortunately, one of those things is not the SSD (the SSD is really USB I/O). By default, it lights up for SD card activity(if you use one). I have set mine to ‘heartbeat’, which at least gives an indication the OS is running. This is really a function of the Pi and OS, not the Argon case.

Hello and thanks for replying.
I have read somewhere that the LEDs can be associated with the GPIO but… it is not easy to manage them with Hass OS (instead it is very simple to do it with the Raspy OS).
The ‘heartbeat’ mode can be a valid palliative, at least to highlight that the system is working…

Anyway the green LED is barely visible through the case. The red is much more evident… Is it possible to increase the intensity of the green LED? (I think it can’t be done)

And is there no solution for the red LED? It seems absurd to me that it stays on after turning off the system from Hass OS

The 5v portion of the supply stays on when plugged into USB-C power on the Pi 5. Hence the red LED. Unfortunately, the new official power supply doesn’t have an inline power cut switch but you need that supply for the higher power demand so you either have to unplug or deal. Found that out the hard way.

I would like to point out that I am using the original power supply and that we are in the presence of a construction DEFECT in the case.

Also considering that if the power supply is removed from the case and you then connect it, the red LED does not light up… This it will only turn on AFTER you press the switch on the back.

In my opinion it would be necessary for Argon to provide an update: the electronics of the case should receive the stop signal from the Raspberry and, after receiving it, it should turn off the LED accordingly ,