Argon NVMe Expansion board 'fix'.....does nothing! Help please

Thought that I may as well start a new thread on this…as I can’t progress with the ‘fix’ to this board.
Following instructions here:

Can’t get the table to populate…nor progress to PASS as described in the link.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong here please??
Here’s what I get :slight_smile:
(Pressing PLAY…does nothing)

So the attached enclosure/drive isn’t being recognised, you should see it in the table at the bottom of the screenshot, until you do you can’t update the firmware. I know you were going to try with a different USB 3.0 cable. if that didn’t work. I’d suggest that you return the NVMe board to your where you purchased it and get a replacement.

PC recognises drive…can format, and save to it in the usual MS manner.
So appears to be fine.
Thought I’d look in Disk Management Properties…and found a reference to VID 174C.
Is this telling me that the board is already at 174C…???
Could that be why the Asmedia software fix hasn’t worked??

SO your board is being identified with the VID and PID of the SATA board, not the NVMe one. Which is the original problem.
Ensure you run the asmedia tool as an administrator and it should appear in the list

Tried running as admin…switching out the firewall (even though hadn’t received any security related messages)…still nothing I’m afraid.
Also repeated d/l of tool and .bin file…; :frowning:

Board now off to PiHut for ‘replacement’…

OK…replacement board arrived back from PiHut (Yesterday actually)
Position is EXACTLY same as before…Device properties window (Last Known Parent) is identical to the drive I returned.
What am I missing here???

Should also add that tool continues not to work!

So…VID is 174C…and PID is 55AA
…Back to PiHut it would seem!!

UPDATE…Connected to USB2.0 port on another PC…and update worked.
Needless to say…all my earlier attempts were made using USB3.0 port.
Could that have been the problem???

PiHut got back to me wrt expansion board having PID of 55AA…and say that the ‘fix’ should work.
I’ve included here a pic of the chip-side of the board I have…It definitely has the 2362 chip.
Before I return this board for refund…can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong when trying (and failing) to apply the ‘fix’ please??

I’ve tried…running as admin, switching out the firewall…don’t know what else there is really!