Argon Neo 5 for Pi5 feels much cheaper than Neo 4

This case feels much much more cheaper than it’s predecessor and it’s bigger.

Aluminium is cheaper, the black finish is no where near as quality as the Neo 4, top cover does not align perfectly with the base.

The red plastic feels so cheap.

Led is somewhat invisible because the red plastic is very opaque.

WiFi and Bluetooth are unusable due to the metal like the previous case, why don’t eliminate plastic and create a metal base that adds metal for passive cooling?
Why use plastic at this point?

Leave alone the orrendous color scheme and the fact that most distros has currently problems in custimizing the fan curve.
The fan starts and stops continuously because the fan starts at 50°C that is near the idle temp.
I sincerely still hasn’t found a way to customize the fan curve on Pi5. What worked for Pi4 does not work for Pi5.

No thermal pads for the DDR RAM.

They shipped ten days after my order, from China and it took 50 days (in total) to receive it in Italy.

I’m disappointed.
This is my last Argon product.

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New black finish is a fingerprint magnet.

All in all this is the best case for raspberry.
I personalized the fan curve in order to make it start at 65°C.
In this way the big passive heatsink cool down the raspberry most of the times, rarely when pushed to 100% CPU usage for more than 10 minutes the fan kicks in at slow speed and cool it down below 70°C.

Performance wise, this case is super excellent, you can’t buy a better case now but I’m disappointed from the fact the the previous one was more premium.

all in all as I already said, this is the best case you can buy for the Raspberry Pi5 after the Argon one.