Argon M2 + Umbrel + Fan Control

Hi there,

First off, I am completely new to Raspberry.

I am trying to get my head around the following: I want to install Umbrel OS in a Raspberry Pi 4 with ARGON ONE M2.

If i am not wrong, I realised that in order to configure the M2 fan I must open a terminal window under the Raspberry OS. Hence, how can I configure the fan if I am not planning to use the Raspberry OS?

Thank you

Pardon me. Where did you get an image file for the unreleased Umbel OS?
They don’t say anything about Open Source, but I expect that this is a mild
derivative of CasaOS. See CasaOS. Runs natively on a Pi.
If Umbrel OS is using parts of CasaOS, they are in violation of the license,
I think.

Argon only supports Pi OS, but the code is python and shell script. Just run the documented commands to install it and tell us (copy and paste) what happens.

You might have better luck with a third-party daemon program such as:

It supports a long list of Linux versions, so it’s probably more
compatible across the board.