Argon IR Remote for LibreELEC v11+

Raspberyy Pi 4 2GB
ArgonOne v2 Case
ArgonOne IR Remote
LibreELEC v11 (Kodi 20.2)

After a bunch of research and testing, I have Kodi responding to the Argon remote as I like. To do this required a custom keymap file in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps. Also a rc_maps.cfg file in /storage/.config that points to that custom keymap file.

rc_maps.cfg contains this one line:
* * argon.toml

Custom argon.toml (goes in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps):
name = “Argon One”
protocol = “nec”
variant = “nec”
#0x9c = “KEY_POWER”
0xca = “KEY_UP”
0xd2 = “KEY_DOWN”
0x99 = “KEY_LEFT”
0xc1 = “KEY_RIGHT”
0xce = “KEY_OK”
0xcb = “KEY_HOME”
0x9d = “KEY_BACK”

Notice in the above content, I have the power button commented out. This is because I prefer to have the hardware handle the power toggle instead of Kodi. By not mapping it here, Kodi does not respond to power.

I also changed the behavior of Channel Up/Down to Volume Up/Down. YMMV.

If anyone knows the mapping for the power button in PRONTO format, I’d be extremely grateful. I’ve been using a Skip 1S remote for controilling the main entertainment system. It has its pluses. It would be awesome if it learned (as has been floated for a while now) but not 'yet’y. In the meantime, the remote’s exported configuration can be modified by inserting PRONTO codes. So, if that power value in the file above (0x09c for NEC/NEC) can be converted into PRONTO, life would be gooder.


Hi Ezala,
I read your post. I would really like to try and get a remote working my Argon/PI4 system. Is there anyway you could put together some instructions on how to go about finding and editing and saving the changes in a mapping file? I wouldn’t know where to begin.


Maybe this post will be of help: Click!

have you testet the andoid-app “kore”