Argon EON - Wake on Lan Function


I’ve got my Argon Eon in the first batch and using it for a few weeks now :slight_smile: So far, so good, I’m using 2 Seagate 8To HDD.

I didn’t plugged in the CR1220 battery for now, and I wanted to know if it’s possible to activate wakeonlan functionnality with the argon eon custom power management board.

I’m following those instructions : WakeOnLan - Debian Wiki

But I can’t activate wakeonlan functionnality, and I know that Rpi boards cannot do it with base hardware.

Thanks for your time !

If you’re using OpenMediaVault then there is the WoL plugin you can install from the admin panel. I’ve not yet tried it but suspect that’s probably the easiest option!



I already installed the WoL plugin but it’s only used to wake up other systems. But, you have an option to activate WoL in Openmediavault settings, with no success for now.

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