Argon EON Pi NAS Script: Power Button with Raspberry Pi OS 'Bullseye' 64-bits

Greetings. I’ve recently assembled the Argon EON Pi NAS enclosure, to house a Raspberry Pi 4B (8GB model) running Raspberry Pi OS ‘Bullseye’ 64-bits with desktop GUI.
So, after downloading and running the script I became suspect of the power button’s functionality; it seemed to abruptly cut power rather than initiating a safe shutdown (and two-tap reboot doesn’t seem to work, either). I checked the latest entries in the wtmp file (by using the command: “last -x -F”), and only those shutdowns initiated at the command-line or from the GUI menu show up there. Not a single shutdown via the EON’s power button (3 second press) was registered, even though a delay of several seconds passed before the Pi actually powered off. These power-button shutdowns go completely unlogged.
During the initial execution of the script, I’d noticed an on-screen message indicating the systemd service, argononed.service, was masked. I uninstalled the script, ran it again with same results.
I have a feeling the mask applied to that specific service might be at fault, but I can’t seem to get it unmasked. Are there certain steps I should be following on Bullseye to get the EON’s power buttons functioning as advertised?

Take a look at the modified scripts that @NHHiker has created.
He’s addressed some issues found in the original scripts.

Updated EON control scripts - ARGON EON DISCUSSION - Argon 40 Forum & Community

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I think the problem is solved: Before I saw your reply, and out of desperation to get the power button functional, I re-imaged Bullseye and ran that script again. But this time the power button works as expected, as well as cleanly rebooting the Pi with two taps in quick succession. In fact, button shutdowns and reboots are now properly accounted for in wtmp, which also confirms they’re clean.I don’t know what was at fault with my last configuration but I’m glad the OEM script does what it should (at least with the button).
And thanks for the link. I’m going to have a closer look at some of the improvements.