ARGON EON - Kickstarter not yet recieved

Hi Team,

Just flagging I’ve not yet received the Argon EON pi NAS Case I ordered via kickstarter (its been almost a year now).
If I’m not the only one please let this be a way to track for others, I’m happy to DM any details required, alternatively if there is no way to process sending me a unit please let me know so I can try purchasing one from the website / recover costs.

Hi @defo1640 , thanks for reaching out and we do apologize for this. Can you please send us an email at with your Backer Number so we can check this again with our shipment team. Thank you!

Hi kenneth, I sent a reply a week ago on the 16th as requested have not yet heard back here or via email. Backer #286 i would prefer product to a refund how can we move this forward?

It’s been 5 days, has this matter been progressed or has the job been abandoned? I would like to know eitherway please

Has this issue been resolved?

Please make sure you email From my interactions I have had very positive customer service responses…