Argon EON internal USB3, there is a screw hole, what threading specification is it?

I have found a USB3 enclosure/stick that supports nVME or NGFF (which I have currently 2TB nVME in it! - I know its over kill, but this is all I have spare), anyway it’s working fine, coincidentally there is a screw hole which perfectly aligns with the USB3 enclosure stick inserted (see my attached photo)

So … If anyone know what specification this screw threading pattern is, i would like to finish this little lovely project with proper screw & spacer to lock it down nicely?
-Greatly appreciated. :nerd_face:



@Dracwula Hi, none of the holes in my Eon are threaded.
I have my boot drive in the USB slot and it’s just a bare stick without a convenient screw hole that matches up with the hole you’ve highlighted. It stays in place well enough.

Thanks for reply @CM9, I eventually found M.2 screws kit, although none the M.2 screws or standoffs in this kit has precise thread fitting pattern for that special hole, BUT It does have a perfect standoffs with just the right height and M.2 screw length… so I decided to use JB Weld Quick Steel to accomplish what I needed.

Yeah, I had Raspberry Desktop OS boot off via that USB 3 port for a week, then reverted back to booting MicroSDXC, it does run the OS bit quicker, but my goal is to fill this EON with maximum storage capacity simple NON-RAID NAS solution (maybe achieve total of 18tb).

Its nearly complete, hopefully will achieve this by end of Thanksgiving!

Anyway … anyone who wish to do a similar project, here are the details of my sourced parts and hopefully to save everyone time and effort to reach their goals:

Amazon: Xiwai USB 3.0 to M.2 NVME or NGFF SATA Adapter

Amazon: M.2 NVMe SSD Mounting Screw Kit

Amazon: [J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel]

2022-11-18 03_01_24-image000002.jpg ‎- Photos


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