Argon EON firmware question (fan has just one speed)

Is there a firmware update needed for the EON Pi NAS? I just got one and love it. But I have found that the fan is either on or off. Looking at the code I see it supports more than one type of firmware. Mine is reporting register mode is not available. A simple one that just accepts a byte for the fan speed and another that uses an i2c register map with one of the address being used for the fan speed. Not sure if the scripts support more than one product or new and old firmwares.

Is the source to the firmware available so I can investigate why my fan is either on or off? Does not matter what value I write to the i2c device. If it’s above 50, fan full on, below, fan off.

Ok, did some investigations, the speed does change, but not in a linear fashion and as the fan is loud at most all speeds it does not feel like it changes in speed. Even at speed 1 it’s noisy. So will have to mod it I think.

Many thanks.
Richard. :slight_smile:

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