Argon EON Drive Issues

I’ve had an Argon EON server running for about a year now and it just started having some weird issues today.

2ea 3.5" 10TB drives (Western Digital I think)
2ea 2.5" 5TB drives (Seagate I think)
Besides basic server, I have a few dockers running (plex, emby, octoprint, and pihole)

The matching pairs are not setup in RAID with each other, but each paid has a primary drive that is used for access that rsyncs to the backup drive overnight.

Up until today, all four drives have showed up through the network, in OMV, and in the SMART tab in OMV.
Suddenly today, I get an email notification for all four drives simultaneously that says “SMART error (FailedOpenDevice)”.

I logged into OMV and no drive shows mounted in the File System or SMART. I went ahead and restarted the system. When it came back up, 3 drives booted immediately, with the primary 2.5" drive missing. After approximately 2 minutes, the remaining drive came up. The error emails for that drive are “does not exist filesystem”, “exists filesystem”, “failed mountpoint”, and then “succeeded mountpoint”.

After reboot, nothing comes up in SMART controller still.

Network access to all drives seems to work fine.

Any suggestions or ideas of where to go with this?

I believe I solved this issue for anyone that finds this. I believe an update is what caused all the issues. I ended up doing a clean install and everything started working ok except for the SMART drives. Turns out the smartctl command does not recognize the USB/SATA board, but you can force it to.

Go read this thread and follow the directions:

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