Argon Eon availability in the Argon Store

Sadly I heard about the project when no more backers were being accepted, I would like to know when the argon eon will be available in the Argonne store page? I’m really interested in the product. I understand things are being sorted out between backers, I don’t want a specific date but more of an estimate.

We plan to have it on retail at our website by March 2022.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the information, I look forward to purchasing it!

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Nice. Will it also be carried by retail stores like Microcenter?

We have not discussed anything with them yet. But we’ll most likely sell in Amazon US too. But at launch it will be initially thru our website.


We’ll have it on our website mid-March 2022.

Any info on the retail price?

Retail Price will be 150USD (excluding taxes and shipping)

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Dear sir or madam of Argon40,
Since reading your message about availability mid March I’ve been eagerly checking your store. Any word on when sales will start for those of us that were too late for the kickstarter?

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