Argon 1 V3 M2 NVMe Case with RPi5 Power issues

Just starting to use the new case with the RPi 5 using the official Raspberry Power Supply for the RPi5 and i get warning at Initial Boot that the Power supply is not capable of Supplying sufficient power??

The power supply works perfectly well when i use it on the RPi5 outside the case?

I have updated the firmware in the case etc etc.

So is this a bad case and if so how do i get a replacement or is this a genuine issue with this new case?

There are lots of topics about this issue, perhaps searching the forum helps.

I had the same problem, but am using the iUNikKER Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply on 3 Argon 1 V3 NVMe cases without problems.

Like Jan54 said right, regarding the power supply there exists some topics.

Perhaps my comment from here clarifies some things: Argon V3 only getting 3 amps until reboot - #2 by HarryH

Please ignore the second part for BLSTR DAC and LibreELEC.

Thank You both for the response, yes I realised the error I had made shortly after I posted the issue for some reason probably mine I thought I had completed a search at the beginning, and it came back with nothing… which was both a worry and a surprise as I thought then that my problem could not be unique.
So Apologies… i will be more aware of what I am doing next time and I will review the recommended links.

Thank You.

OK, i feel i need to explain what was happening on my system so that others may benefit.

When I first put the new Argon Case together with the SSD(256GB) I had the Raspberry Imager generate a new image on an SD card as I had no compatible free-standing SSD NVME unit to create the image on that directly.

Once I had the SD card created and I Booted the RPi5 for the first time I had the issues that some reported here on other threads. ie the Power issue reported after booting

Further reading of the Argon literature made clear that I not only had to update the Firmware but also load and run a couple of scripts, after this was completed I believe the new system boot went OK, t then I used the internal utility to copy the SD card to the SSD, which. then allowed me to boot directly from the SSD.

Dissapointlinly that is when I noticed I was still getting the Power issue reporting after boot, and that is when I joined this forum and posted this issue

At this point, I decided to get a freestanding enclosure for the NVME SSD which would give me more flexibility to generate an image directly to the SSD therefore bypassing the Sd to SSD copy procedure.

Armed with a new Image generated on the SSD, at this point i decided to edit the config.txt file on the SSD and added the changes I wanted as outlined on the Argon Instruction book page 14.

Using the newly created SSD I successfully booted the RPi5 with no evidence of the Power issue as reported earlier, i ran all the recommended scripts and all seemed fine and now i have a working RPI5 booting from the SSD with no known reported issues.

I know my method was not the recommended version, but it appears to be working.

All i can Assume is that something strange was happening when I did the Sd to SSD copy initially??


If you don’t have forgotten a step to describe…
During copying from the SD to the NVMe, the config.txt must have been created with default values on the NVMe boot partition.
Without the following line:


That would explain the behavior regarding insufficient power supply messages from the kernel.

This line and some other needed lines regarding I2C (fan control), power button detection and so on were added during you execute the script at the SD card but seemed to be missing at your NVMe boot partition after your first try.

During copying from the SD to the NVMe, the config.txt must have been created with default values on the NVMe boot partition.

I thought a copy was a copy nothing else

Perhaps my wording was misleading. Normally you are right. But I assume that you used ‘SD card copier’ (piclone) as:

the internal utility to copy the SD card to the SSD


This is not the same like dd. It uses “cp -ax …” as command in the background to copy the partition content on file level. Something must be go wrong there. This kind of copying is everytime a risk, because you copy the content not offline. If the file is opened, it could be that the file is skipped or the content incomplete.

With your second attempt, in my opinion, you used reliable way of copying, because source and destination wasn’t in use during this process.


Very interesting, i did not know that.

I will remember that for future reference.

Thank You