Another Where's My Order v3 NVME

What is wrong with your shipping solution?

Order #5266

Place on March 28th 2024.
Immediately changed to fulfilled status

When shipping information actually showed up it showed 0 details until today.

Now I see a bunch of steps that didn’t show until today in 4px and also in a language I can’t read.

Additionally, the Shop app (garbage app) now shows “returned”. I can’t tell if my order even reached it’s destination country.

So, where is my order? What is it’s actual status?

If no response is received in 3 business days this order will be canceled for a full refund and consumer protection will be contacted. I am not the only one having issues. Look at your forum analytics. Your customers are not happy with how you are conducting business.

  • Where’s my order

Hi Justin, thank you for waiting. We’ve sent an update on your order via email. Thank you.