Adding an External Power Button to Argon One

Has anyone successfully added a external power button to the Argonne one? I am building a arcade cabinet using the argon one for the raspberry pie but I want to add an external power button to my cabinet. I emailed argon one and they responded that the power button uses GPIO 11, however there is nothing on the case that tells me which pin GPIO 11 is. My thought was to hook my external button wires to whichever gpio Argon uses for their power button, essentially having two power buttons.

The argon one does label the pins on the case though? On the outside of the diagram you see what the pin is for description and inside the circle is the pins actual number?

True, but there is no description that says GPIO 11. The pins are clearly marked with a pin number and description of its function but I’m unsure what pin is gpio 11. Nor do I know if Argon reassigned any of the pins. I’ve tried hooking up my button to the pin that would normally be gpio 11 without a case but nothing happens when the button is pressed. The script is installed and the power button works great on the case itself but I can’t seem to figure out what pins they use for that button.

GPIO 11 on the Raspberry Pi (late model) headers is Pin 23. A number of after-market board suppliers will include a card giving the pin-outs and mapping. But it’s pretty much assured that if you have the 40-pin header, you’ll use the standard mapping. Your problem is that some of the pins have dual names; GPIO 11 is also (and the Argon One calls it this) SCLK. [Here is the full pin-out (Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi OS) from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Thank you. Pin 23 is the one that I hooked one wire of my button to. The other was to pin 25 (ground). However nothing happens when pushing the button. My thought was that it would mimic the power button on the case. I suppose it is possible that Argon Customer service incorrectly told me that GPIO 11 was the one used by the power button but that’s all I have to go by.

Did you ever figure out a solution?