4-Bat SATA Board Issue

I have a brand new EON.

I have filled it with 2 new 8TB drives (HDD) and 2 new 1TB drives (SSD).

The is that the 4-Bay SATA cards seems to have stopped responding.

All four drives worked and mounted just fine.

However, now all four drives can no longer be found in Open Media Vault. (see below)
The drives no not show up in the terminal either [lsblk]. (see below)

After only 24 hours of use.

How do I get support from Argon?

You may contact cs@argon40.com you provide the information (issue, name, shipping details) and request for a replacement board.

But I would suggest that you make sure that the physical connection of the HDDs and SATA board is fine and the HDDs are securely screwed at the back plate. Then try to remount your drives.

Thank you

Thanks for the advice Joseph!

What’s funny is that after waiting an hour or so and a reboot, all drives came back online. I’ve done NOTHING else.

But now I feel like I can’t trust the case with my data.

I’ll check with customer service about how to keep an eye on it.

Do yourself a favour… dismantle everything…

re-seat the PI and ensure everything is level and centered
do the same with each component all the way to the end

I had similiar silly issues in my first few days and I did this… 6 months later its still humming]

(just tryna help)

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Way ahead of you!
I did that this weekend. I ended up taking the cheap HDD back. And getting ACTUAL WD RED drives.

Has been working on a mass file transfer for the last 12 hours with out issue as a burn in test.

Already seeing “degraded” on the 8TB RAID1. How do I address this?

I have the same exact issue with my 2 ssd’s. It goes “missing” after about a day. After I reboot, they reappear. I’ve reseated the pi and boards and its level. But same issue here. Did you fix it?