3D Printed vented EON panels

Argon eon vent grill by javier_alba - Thingiverse is the design (not mine!). It works well and keeps the fan from running non-stop. Also, looks super cool.

I used like 4mm magnets I had lying around instead of the recommended 8mm and the strength is okay. I wish I’d gone for 8mm but the 4mm’s are already super glued in. Maybe I’ll try and fix them later.

The panels are like 1 or 2mm too small and I’m not sure that is by design, something went wrong in slicing, or printer issue. It’s not a big deal and actually gives me a part to grab when removing the panels.

3D Print specs:

  • Prusa MK3S
  • 0.6mm nozzle (hence the chonky layers)
  • Hatchbox Black PLA
  • No supports or rafts
  • Infill was 100% automatically due to thickness
  • Print time: 4h 15m each panel

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Good Job, tnx. I’ll try to print it too