Making a script like for Debian bullseye, why is their time.sleep only 0.01 seconds?

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I tried modifying the script per your example, but I wasn’t successful. As I was already starting the fan via command line I gave up.

Yesterday I found an addon to control argon one fan and I am testing it. So far it is working fine. I uninstalled the argonone scripts completely and I’m running just this addon. Here is the link, if you hadn’t seen yet.

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I found Argon’ s information on the power button operation:

Power Button Events

Cases that come with a power button can turn the computer on and off while ensuring that the files stored are safe. It works by setting a pulse to BCM 4 (BOARD P7) depending on the action. The software that listens to these events should be able to react accordingly.

Double Tap - 20-30ms pulse
Hold and release after 3 seconds - 40-50ms pulse

Have been tinkering with Python somewhat and created something that seems to work on my system and put it on my gitlab:


Can we use argon 1 case with respeaker 2 mics hat?

Iam using raspberry pi os 64bit, powering it 5v 5a adapter (i was thinking need more power - some ppl give me this advice) raspberry usb port for respeaker 2 hat but its not working.

Sometimes system on and desktop goes on. + when i use record cmd, fan goes off waiting for cmd complete or interrupt then fan goes on.
Sometimes system got halt before desktop on.

Im running system without case without fan :frowning:

I was using argon1 case for always on mode(when electric on power on :slight_smile: )
Inside docker running home assistant + rhasspy.

Im living in Turkey so this components expensive for us. I dont want try unexperienced things.

I hope explain my problem, my english not so good.

Good day everyone