Can anyone confirm if AG ONE NVME is SMART supported in OMW

Hy there,

Can anyone confirm if Argon ONE NVME is SMART supported in Open Media Vault?

Does it show in Storage => SMART => Devices?

I have the latest firmware from here:

Do you have the VID and PID set correctly? (per my blog post)

Yup same codes see foto

Great, in this thread it’s mentioned a fix was needed on OMW, not sure if it’s released yet. Maybe something to look into to see how to apply the fix manually: M.2 nvme expansion bd - #15 by kulho

Thank you. I will try to implement the update and will come back with feedback.

I think your issue might be that you have smarmontools v7.2. see this for a fix

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also as for the OMV it already implemented the support. Its just the Debian bullseye thing…

Thank you. I will try the fix

@kulho i can confirm your patch worked like a charm, thank you for this fix :slight_smile:

So for anyone wanting to make it work you must upgrade the firmware of argon one nvme first and after apply the fix from @kulho with installing smartctl 7.3

Many thanks to @martinrowan and @kulho for investigating this.


Smart Tools 7.3:

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I did not realize you were the same person as in the other thread :smiley: cheers

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