Argon ONE V2 Fan

I have an Argon ONE V2 that I bought about a year ago. It’s been going with a Raspberry Pi 4 in it non-stop for about a year, zero issues, completely silent.

The first one was so nice I got a second Argon ONE V2 about two weeks ago when I was needing a case for another Raspberry Pi 4. This second ONE V2 was fine for about a week or so, and then the fan started making a noise. Now it sounds like a squealing pig that’s being tortured. Sometimes I can give it a little tap on top and it’ll quiet down some, but it still makes a noise - unlike my other ONE V2, which is completely silent. I opened it up and looked at everything, but it all looked normal from what I could see. Is there anything I can do about this? Or would this be a warranty claim or something like that?


I have three Argon ONE M.2 cases and had the same thing happen to one of them shortly after putting it into service. When I took it apart, there was oil on the outside of the fan. I contacted Argon 40 and I had to send a short video that demonstrated the noise. They sent me a replacement under warranty.

Sounds good. Thanks!